You do not have time to go to the beauty parlor. You’re a busy bizneswomen, you have a toddler, you are an elderly person, you have mobility problems, or outside is cold or just after a hard day you have no desire to go out, CALL ME AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!

A Mobile Beautician is the best option in this situation. Just think how time-consuming can be to get to the beauty parlor, waiting in the traffic jams, and the stress associated with being late for the appointment. Think about the ideal situation, a Mobile Beautician arrives on comission, at the agreed time. The beautician brings with her necessary facilities and beauty preparations and looks after you .
You will not find a better Beautician!! I am at your disposal, I will describe your numerological portrait, after the articulation of your date birth on the basis of my experience and knowledge I am able to tell you what was, what is and what will be in the future. I specialize in many aspects, i.a.: therapy, meditation, dietetics, herbal medicine, Eastern and Chinese medicine, spiritual growth, healing. I am a promoter of healthy and positive lifestyle. In addition to it I am a very conscious person who loves people. Do not hesitate and dial my phone number ! I guarantee you the treatment performed at a very high level. I work on a high-quality medical equipment, I use only cosmetics for aesthetic medicine parlours and dermatologists. Cosmetics which are utilised, are certified. For less demanding customers I also have non professional cosmetics.